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Be more organised and Sell Better with Sensei

Speed Up Your Order Process

Built-in pricing for all your service areas and automated order forms helps you to speed up the order processing.

Get On-Board

Get Your Dealers On-board, be in-sync always & reduce the delivery Lead Times.

Get their E-Signatures

Reduce Order cancellation rate due to miscommunication with customers - Get their E-Signatures on order before processing

Be in-Sync

Be in-sync with everywhere - Add your service areas, lead times and commission percents for your dealers and sales team.

Improve Performance

Improve your business performance by learning through intelligent matrices on your dashboard.

Get Rid of Multiple Price Sheets

Get rid of multiple price sheets in your office with a centralized info-hub that power your dealers too.

Generate Reports

Generate beautiful performance reports of Dealers and Sales Team.

Personalised Email Templates.

Add more value to interactions with personalised email templates.

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