Key Features

You benefit from Sensei through our commitment to continuous improvement. With Sensei, you will close bigger orders, visualize bigger sales, and have access to multiple manufacturers.

Higher Conversion Rates

Your customers will love designing buildings with Sensei. You will close more deals with happy, engaged customers.

Reduced Sales Cost & Training Cost

You will educate your customers and boost your sales team with clear pricing and access to multiple manufacturers.

Continuous Development

You will benefit from Sensei 3D’s updated features, released every two weeks.

Reduce Communication Errors

You can customize and communicate with all your manufacturers.


Unlimited Styles
Lean-To Customization
Flexible Component Editor for Door & Window Placement
Complex Business Logic
3D Interior Truss Views
Automated Quotes & Online Ordering

Metal Building Dealers

Sensei 3D is a fully customized 3D visualizer for the metal buildings industry. You can price buildings in minutes with quotes from over twenty manufacturers across the United States. You can edit your estimates in the Sensei CRM and send orders to your manufacturers on their custom order forms.

Metal Building Manufacturers

You can reduce the costs of printing price sheets and brochures; simply invite your dealers to join you at Sensei CRM!

Build Your Pricing

Build your pricing with Sensei; our team will keep it updated

Discuss Orders

Communicate efficiently with your dealers.

Invite Your Dealers

You and your dealers can mutually benefit from Sensei 3D visual quotes.

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